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2006-09-29 : Rewrite of the website & Richard left

Again a rewrite of the website. Last time it was done to cut down maintainance time with a much simpler layout. Basicly the site was reduced to only one page. This time it's based on rest2web to be able to generate the site and navigation elements automatically when we add more web pages.

Richard Bayliss left us. He's active in too many groups and decided to focus on the more alive ones.

VICE for Linux

Screenshot of running VICE

Here you'll find an RPM of VICE compiled and packaged on a SuSE_ 9.1 system. The package is automatically generated with checkinstall.

The package depends on GNOME because I (BlackJack) like the GNOME user interface much more than the basic X11 one.

vice-1.19-1.i686.rpm (SuSE 9.1 / 4.1 MB)


Our more or less active members a.k.a. the roster of the living dead…

BlackJack : Code, Gfx, Homepage
Candyman : Code
  • candyman (at)
Chico : Code
Doc Of Desire : Swap, PBC editor, Covers
  • docofdesire (at)
Exile : Gfx
G-Fellow : Msx, Forum Admin
  • g-fellow (at)
Hucky : Code, Gfx
  • hucky (at)
Nightlord : Code, Msx
  • nightlord (at)
Zeitgeist : HQ, Gfx, PBC editor, Code, Swap
  • zeitgeist (at)